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Remind yourself to take your herbs - set an alarm on your phoneAs an oriental medicine provider I often prescribe herbs and supplements for my clients to help them continue the good work we do together when I give them acupuncture and/or Reiki. Ideally herbs and supplements should be consumed in a manner that keeps a therapeutic dose in the body in order to keep the good changes rolling. Clients often tell me that they get busy in the middle of the day and find they are unintentionally skipping the 2nd dose in the middle of the day. I generally smile indulgently and tell them well, that happens to a lot of people and to split the middle dose between morning and night and take them that way.

Now time for a little confession: not only do I forget the middle doses of my own herbs and supplements, I often forget to take them the entire day! You would think that an intelligent woman such as myself would thing to set up some kind of timer to jog my memory, but I only started doing that four days ago. As a matter of fact, I started using my smart phone alerts to remind me to do all kinds of things: wake up in the morning, take my herbs, do stretches periodically, take more herbs in the middle of the day and again at night, and even to go to bed at a timely hour. Since I started doing this I find that I am taking much better care of myself and am actually getting enough sleep for a change. 

I’m referring to this new use of my smart phone as my “iMom.” She is the electronic mom I need right when I need her! It just took a couple of minutes to set up the alerts. It’s just the push I need to remind myself that I am my number one relationship and that if I can’t care for myself I can’t care for anyone else either.

If you are like me and can’t remember to do self-care of whatever kind, I encourage you to set up your own “iMom!”


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